Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Tribute To Our Teachers...

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge" 
Albert Einstein

To all the teachers Happy Teacher's Day! 
- Love Mila XxX

Dear Ms Anisah and Tan Lao Shi,
Today, we were lucky enough to see Caelyn's teachers careening down a snowy slope on black, rubber tires! We are lucky to have such lovely teachers who have such a wonderful sense of fun! Thank you for taking such good care of Caelyn in the class and for all your hard work, patience and love! Happy Teacher's Day!
- Jacyln, Douglas & Caelyn Scott

To the amazing teachers at Lumiere Montessori

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our son and all of the students at the school. Our son's impressive development at school is attributable to great teaching in a loving environment with a team of really, really lovely women. We are thrilled with all that Marcus experiences in school. We love the way that he embraces his learning and the way that he embraces all of you and his fellow students. It is important that he learn his ABC's and 1-2-3's, though it is more important that he learn to interact socially with respect and love. The hours he spends daily at school, with all of you, is setting him up in a great 'classroom' for this.

Congratulations on caring so deeply for the roles you play in so many lives - that of all of the students and their families, friends and all who are involved with them.

Well done to all of you and Happy Teachers Day!
- Trudi and Craig Bannister

Thank you for all the things you have done for me. Happy Teachers' Day! I like school!
-Ethan Mar

Happy Teachers Day to all! Thanks for your dedication in shaping Rae's character & personality. Keep up the good work. Definately a class of teachers of fine qualitites!
- Soo (Rae Wen's mummy)

To Ms Yvonne and Mrs Yeo... You are the best teacher in the world!
- Nigel Yeo

Thank you, Lumiere teachers, for your love and patience. I know Eileen sets a very high standard for staff recruitment, so each and every one of you are the BEST OF THE BEST. As a parent I can rest easy knowing that my child is in such good hands. I'm confident that Jan is under very positive influences of her super-duper teachers who are constantly enhancing her intellect & social skills. Thank you so very much!
- May

Wishing all teachers at Lumiere Montessori House a Happy Teachers' Day! Thank you so much for taking good care of the children! As they soar and rise, you know that you are an important part of their early development
- Ellain (Matt's mum)

My heartfelt thanks to all the teachers. You are truly a wonderful and caring team! I am grateful particularly to Eileen for her patience, love and godliness shown especially to Elysa!
- Pamela

It has been an exciting, wonderful and fruitful learning experience through your teachings. Heartfelt thanks for your dedication in teaching and moulding the future generations. Keep up the spirit! Wishing all the teachers a wonderful day!
- Soo (Jared's mummy)

Oliver will like to thank Chen Lao Shi for being so friendly (in Chinese), Miss Eileen for being so patient and Yao Lao Shi for being so friendly and nice. Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers!
- Ericia

Happy Teachers' Day to all the lovely teachers especially Ms Anisah : - )
- Devang

Dear 'Lao Shi' Happy Teachers' Day. Your Mandarin classes are so much fun!
- Devang

Remy said "I love you Miss Janaki, and I love you Chen Lao Shi (in Chinese)" As for Ms Yvonne and Yao Lao Shi, we thank you for your love and care to our baby Luc. Hope that he will be able to say it to you himself next year : ) And of course thank you Eileen for all the parenting guides :) Enjoy your hard earned holiday!
- Jessica and Eric Gibert

Thanks to all the teachers for taking care of Dylan and making him feel comfortable in school that he now enjoys school a lot. A big difference from when he just started at the beginning of the year. Thank you. And hope all the teachers have an enjoyable holiday break.
- Karen (Dylan's mum)

Thanks for sharing time to teach and inspire our children while still allowing them to be kids. Happy Teacher's Day!
- Agnes (Marga's mummy)

We always take this opportunity on Teachers' Day, to say a big "Thank You" to all you teachers. You have worked so tirelessly to give to the children. It is a great priviledge for Taniel to have been taught by you these 4 years at Lumiere. Taniel says that she will certianly miss you all. Do have a great and restful Teachers' Day!
- Doreen

Dear Teachers, Some days I'm cranky, but mostly I'm good. Mischievous maybe, and I guess you know that too.What I really want to say is, thank you for being patient with me while allowing my little personality to shine through. Thanks also for imparting to me things I would remember even when I'm grown. Happy Teachers' Day!
- Love, Isaac

Dear Eileen, I would like to take this chance to thank you for being such a fantastic teacher! I know it's not easy to teach a bunch of kids. You really have the patience and enthusiasm to keep it up with the children! Thanks for the advice and tips that you have taught me as well. Last but not least, wishing you, Happy Teachers' Day! Enjoy your special day!
- Constance (Lleyton's Mummy)

Thank you for teaching me and Happy Teachers' Day.
- Love, Summer

Dear Teachers, Thanks for providing a safe, loving and inspiring environment for the children. We have seen our Venus grow into a smart and confident girl in Lumiere. A Big THANK YOU!
- Mike & Elynn

A Big Thank You to all teachers at Lumiere for the unwavering love and care these past 2 years! We have surely seen the remarkable growth of Avril in more ways than one! Happy Teacchers' Day!
- Cheryl

Thank you teacher for inspiring and guiding me. Have a wonderful Happy Teacher's Day! 
- Elliott

Without you, we would have been lost. Thank you teachers for guiding us, inspiring us and making us what we are today! Happy Teacher's Day!
- Shanay

Ms Anisah, Thank you. You are a great teacher. Chen Lao Shi, you taught me to speak Mandarin - you are the best (in Chinese)!
- Jacob

To Ms Eileen, thank you for your vision, your dedication & your passion. To Ms Anisah, for your kindness & sense of humour. To Ms Revathi, your love & gentleness with Jacqueline. To Ms Yvonne, for your warmth & caring. To Ms Maggie, for your love, care & attention. To Chen, for your Chinese lessons and ongoing kindness. To Yao, for your loving and gentle ways. To Ms Janaki, for being caring and loving...For all the teachers for your Big Hearts of Love; thank you!
- Jasmin